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4 Things to do When Writing Gets You Down

Everyone who writes finds themselves lacking motivation at one time or another, probably more than we’d like. But there is hope. Even though most of us can’t afford to employ Mr. T (even at his advanced age, I’ll bet he can still whip most of our asses) here are some pretty obvious ways to rejuvenate your zeal.

So often, it is we non-writing writers that he pities.

1. Listen to music that makes your soul shine.

2. Read books that make your heart sing.

I likes me some LOTR. Good v. Evil (Read: You v. flagging desire).

Tolkien always brings me up. Note: Avoid doing this in one sitting, or you'll never get anything done and your spine will look like a question mark.

3. Do something physical to get a boost of positivity.

A quick walk or run, some push ups, squat thrusts… er, maybe skip those. Get those endorphins rolling and channel all that dopamine right into your keyboard.

I live 5 Minutes from the trails of the New River Gorge. If I don't get out and enjoy it, I'm crazy.

4. Watch a movie that gets you going.

Maybe you like the Bonzo flicks with Ronald Reagan or you go for She-Devil with Roseanne and Meryl – better you than me. I go for this:

What we do in life echoes in eternity.

Usually doing any of these things serve to keep me going, to fortify my desire. What have I missed here? Do you have any special ways of kicking yourself in the pants when you’re dragging butt at the keyboard?