A little something to kick off your weekend

If you haven’t seen this, take the 2 minutes to watch. You’ll be richer for the experience. No, really.

Synopsis (from thebreak.com): The ultimate vanity project, Tommy Wiseau directs Tommy Wiseau in a film written by Tommy Wiseau about the relationship issues of a dead-eyed Frankenstein. The production value is baffling and the performances are unintentionally hilarious. After initial audience reactions of ‘This is the funniest shizz ever. Seriously Brian, you gotta go see this pile.’, Wiseau began billing the film as a ‘quirky, black comedy’. Filmed over 8 months (!), the production went through at least four crews and a $6 million budget. Confused by the differences between 35mm film and HD video, Wiseau decided to shoot the film simultaneously on both with a rig that mounted both cameras on one head. If only it were also shot on IMAX, that way we could surround ourselves with terrible.

Mmmm. That sounds good. I’ll have that.


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